This is me and my husband Chris, out for coffee, making plans to serve the community! It looks like we have been doing this our whole lives, but let me tell you the truth! We are just like you (yes for real!). I was a busy mom working a job that had me on the road over sixty percent of the time, and my husband Chris was living on Lunchables and the odd gas station hot dog. (I love him, but true story!). I really needed a solution to prioritize my health and wellbeing and teach my family really good eating habits. I had gone back and forth from all kinds of different trends and diet plans. One day I looked at my husband and said, “I can’t do this anymore. I’m getting a personal trainer.” Said trainer taught me the secret to staying healthy and guess what it was? Prep! Flourish meals started with me and two friends. What I found after seeing a personal trainer was the MEAL PREP was the key. Using a little good planning, being prepared to make good choices and not getting stuck with fast food was the only way.

I started meal prepping for two co workers in my office at the time and before I knew it they told a few people, and a few more and I started a little facebook group for people who wanted meals prepped and ready. The challenge and vision was to make this afffordable, add to the community and be able to give back to my favorite organizations through what I was doing. Fast forward a year later and this meal prep service was born! My husband and I took a leap of faith and decided to do this together. We decided to step up and offer something our community was lacking and the response has been overwhelming.

Our goal is to offer really healthy meals, snacks and kids meals to busy people like us and give them a way to stay on track and feel better. It is no secret that our food is the fuel for our soul. Well we want to make sure you always have gas in the tank and can carry out your mission whether that is being a mom raising kids or in a demanding corporate job.

After that, you are probably starving! Getting started as a customer with us is super simple. First, join our facebook page and our group! We share gorgeous photos of our food, menu and any featured items! We post a new menu every Tuesday and you have to have your order in by Thursday night at 10 PM. We offer everything from breakfast to dessert to keep you and your health on track. You will see all of our custom options and delviery options in our online store! If you have questions, feel free to shoot us an email. We look forward to serving you!