Well it is the week before Thanksgiving! This is the busiest time of the year! We created Flourish Meals to make life easier and less stressful and nothing says stress like the holidays! Doing meals and choosing meals for fall has been such a blast this week. The turkey meatloaf with baked sweet potato is an amazing option and so is the chocolate protein powder almond bark! Made with a completely plant based protein it is such a yummy treat to take to work with you or just grab on the go!

We like to do meals for all day. So many people find it hard to get up and make breakfast when they are trying to get kids ready for school or just stay on track. Its often easy just to grab fast food on the way out the door when you have to travel. We decided to do breakfast for that very reason and to help people meet their goals to stay healthy. Breakfast is three servings in our pack and it changes weekly!

Here are the nutrition facts and info for this menu!