Hey guys! So we totally need to know what you are loving, hating, never going to order again and will order every single time it is on the menu! This kind of feedback helps us serve you and also keep and eye out for what our customers are into! This week we have some fabulous options for you and are catering to a low carb crowd! You might see a new sticker on the menu flagging some low carb items like our Denver Omelette and our White Stuffed Pepper Lasagna! (Which we heard is delicious!)

In addition to all of the fab main options and snacks we also give you breakfast and kids options! Susan, our owner is a busy mom who worked full time before deciding this was her calling. She really found it tough to stay on track and keep her family healthy when she traveled non stop. So for our moms, nurses, teachers oh and basically everyone we added these additional features to our prep store this year!

We also wanted to give you nutrition information so you could stay on track and see we prioritize a healthy balanced approach to diet and life! Enjoy it all this week!